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Tootsie Roll Fruit Chew Pops - 48ct
Tootsie Roll Fruit Chew Pops - 48ct

Tootsie Roll Fruit Chew Pops - 48ct

Part Number:81105-103077 Price $10.62
  • Chewy Fruit Roll Center
  • Four Delectable Flavors
Tootsie Roll Fruit Chew Pops bring a fun twist to the lollipop world. Each of these delicious pops has a fruit flavored outside with a different fruit flavored center. The centers are actually a chewy fruit roll center so not only do you get the wonderful flavor combination but a change up on textures as well. Lollipops are a popular candy for every generation, they are easy to open, awesome to consume and a breeze to carry extras with you or keep them in your home for snacks and treats. Locate them in the pop area for customers to find with ease as well as putting another box near the checkout. What an amazing impulse candy since patrons can grab a few and include them with their other purchase items. There are four flavor combos in this box of forty-eight suckers including a strawberry pop with a lemon center. Order yours today!

  • 48 Count
  • 0.6 Ounces Each
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Fruit Pops With Chewy Fruit Roll Center
  • Flavors Include: 
    • Orange With Lime Center
    • Strawberry With Lemon Center
    • Lemon Lime With Orange Center
    • Blue Raspberry With Cherry Center

DISCLAIMER: Due to the fragile nature of this product and delivery circumstances outside of our control, we will not guarantee that lollipops will arrive unbroken. The shipping process can often cause some or many lollipops to break. We package them as carefully as possible to prevent breaking, but we will not be held responsible for any broken lollipops regardless of how many are broken. Please be aware of this policy before placing an order. Thanks for understanding!

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