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Top Selling Gummi Candy Package
Top Selling Gummi Candy Package

Top Selling Gummi Candy Package

Part Number:81105-3000 Price $1,185.54
This Top Selling Gummi Candy Package provides you with 24 of the most popular and delicious top selling gummi candies. Featuring 24 different candies which include shaped bulk gummy candies including gummy bears, gummy worms, and more. You can easily fill up your bulk candy jars with a huge variety of wholesale candy that is sure to make for a bright, colorful candy selection for your customers. from butterflies to gummy rings and neon colors to the regular, there is something for everyone who comes in your store and your profits will show that.  Our incredibly low prices make purchasing a breeze. So don't delay, purchase your gummy paradise today!
20 Pounds Wild Fruit Gummi Bears
20 Pounds Granny Smith Apple Bears
20 Pounds Concord Grape Gummi Bears
20 Pounds White Strawberry-Banana Gummi Bears
20 Pounds Red Raspberry Gummi Bears
18 Pounds Milk Choc Covered Gummi Bears
20 Pounds Wild Fruit Gummi Worms
18 Pounds 4" Neon Sour Gummi Worms
20 Pounds Mini Gummi Butterflies
18 Pounds Hot Tamales
18 Pounds Sour Poppers
18 Pounds Mike & Ikes
20 Pounds Gummi Fish
20 Pounds Gummi Giant Rattlesnakes
20 Pounds Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears
20 Pounds Gummi Red Raspberries
20 Pounds Gummi Cola Bottles
18 Pounds Gummi Beep Bears
18 Pounds Sour Gummi Bears
18 Pounds Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings
18 Pounds Green Apple Gummi Rings
18 Pounds Watermelon Gummi Rings
18 Pounds Cherry Gummi Rings
18 Pounds Peach Gummi Rings
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