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Twix Candy Bars - 36ct
Twix Candy Bars - 36ct

Twix Candy Bars - 36ct

Part Number:82403-TWIX Price $73.80
Twice the fun with these two cookie candy treats! Twix Candy Bars are an awesome combination of cookie layers and caramel that is smothered in milk chocolate, and we all love this delectable treat! Whether you eat the whole cookie candy bar or get creative and remove the caramel and eat the cookie last or any other creative method of devouring twix bars we all agree that it's just plain delicious! Make sure to include this display of candy bars in your inventory to have happy customers who return often. Chocolate and caramel are a mix you can never go wrong with so order yours today!

  • 36 Count
  • 1.79 Ounces
  • Has a crispy crunchy cookie
  • Smooth creamy chocolate
  • Delicious chewy caramel

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