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White Rock Candy Crystals - 5lbs
White Rock Candy Crystals - 5lbs

White Rock Candy Crystals - 5lbs

Part Number:82403-31558 Price $39.51
  • Pure Cane Sugar Crystals
  • Unique Sweetener For Tea And Coffee
White Rock Candy Crystals are a highly versatile item for home, candy shops, professional bakeries, and the home cook. Grind down to small granules and dip the edge of glasses for a decorative touch to delicious mixed drinks. You can also sprinkle across the top of freshly baked muffins, frosted cakes, cupcakes and cookies for a pretty glimmer. Birthday parties, weddings, and other events can have a great time using this for decorating along with other colored crystals. Rock candy is formed by recrystallizing cane sugar and therefore is the purest sugar because it removed the impurities while forming. Add to your local coffee shop by using this white bulk rock candy for a sweetener option customers can use. Order yours today!

  • 5 Pounds
  • White Colored

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