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Wire Cooler Rack w/ Plastic Liner

Wire Cooler Rack w/ Plastic Liner

Part Number:82307-7012 Price $128.59
Retail Price:$129.99 Savings:$1.40(1%)
  • Great Use of Vertical Space
  • Place Complementary Items Together
Rack Up Extra Profits! This Cooler Rack allows you to place bread, tortillas, side items, and more over an open cooler. Great for cross-selling products. Place your sale products on top of this rack to attract extra attention. This cooler shelf is also an ideal spot for side dishes that complement your meats, frozen items, and more.  Place merchandise right at eye level for the best in visibility and sales. Order your cooler shelf rack today!

  • 72"W x 6"H x 12"D
  • Shelf Dimensions: 9 x 1

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