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Wire Countertop Spinner - 24"H
Wire Countertop Spinner - 24'H

Wire Countertop Spinner - 24"H

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This Wire Countertop Spinner which stands at two feet tall has three tiers of hooks for displaying products where they can be easily viewed. Each arm has eighteen hooks to hold jewelry pieces like necklaces which tend to showcase best when hanging so the details of each piece clearly is in view. Headbands and other hair clips which are shown on card backings look great on counter wire displays. Shoppers can rotate the stand and peruse all the merchandise held on the hooks. If your store is in a big tourist area you can showcase souvenirs such as key-chains, coffee mugs, locally made jewelry items for visitors to purchase and take home as a reminder of the trip. Locate the wholesale store fixture near your registers for impulse purchases as well as placing several of these wire retail spinners along the counters to increase the visibility of loads of merchandise. Order yours today!

  • 24"W x 30"H x 12"D
  • 12" Base
  • Includes 54) 8 1/2" Hooks (18 On Each Tier )
  • 19 Pounds

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