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Wire Countertop Spinner - 28.5"H
Wire Countertop Spinner - 28.5'H

Wire Countertop Spinner - 28.5"H

Part Number:81106-SPCT2 Price $37.85
This Wire Countertop Spinner stands 28.5-inches high and features two-tiers. This counter display rack is ideal for hanging bracelets, necklaces, hair ties and other items that are easier to view when hanging. When you fill bins with merchandise that has beautiful details like beads, you lump them into one group so details get missed. Hang them on store fixtures so that customers can see the entire piece unhindered for best sales. The wire display counter rack is a wonderful backdrop to showcase mugs as well. Beauty accessories which are on a card with peg holes at the top or candy held in peg bags can be perfect impulse items to put near your registers. If your shop offers items which require batteries, this counter rack is the ideal spot to exhibit batteries of all sizes for one stop shopping. Gift cards are a popular present to give at the holidays and birthdays so hang them on this wire rotating rack on your countertop. Order yours today!

  • Two Tier Chrome Countertop Spinner
  • Hooks Included
  • 28 1/2"W x 30"H x 13"D
  • 12" Base
  • 15 Pounds

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