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Wood Crates For Produce Display
"It looks great! Even better than in the picture. Just wanted to show everyone how nice it looks now. Thank you for your all help."
 Daniel G. - Executive Chef (Compass Group)

When natural wooden crates are used in store displays, the area features a clean and relaxed look. These crates have a nostalgic appearance, reminding us of simpler times. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to find exactly what you need for your store. Low prices mean you can purchase enough displays for the entire sales floor without going over budget.

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3 Nested Pine Crates
Woodlow Crate - 3ct
One Peck Crate - 6ct
Corn Crates - 2ct
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Lock n Flat Crate - 6ct
Average Rating(2)
Shallow Pine Boxes - 15ct
Average Rating(1)
Wood 5 Pound Crate - 4ct
Wood Nesting Crates 5 Piece Set
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Wood Two Crate Display