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XL Pro Ink Refill
XL Pro Ink Refill

XL Pro Ink Refill

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  • Keep Stocked At All Times For Production Flow
  • Easy And Convenient To Refill 
Here is the XL Pro Ink Refill for your price gun. Pricing supplies are an absolute must-have in any business location so make sure you have a few refills on hand to prevent any delay in productivity for your location. This ink cartridge is made to go into the XL Pro which you will find on here under 82913-60257, order both to keep the profits flowing. Store with ease in storage cupboards, under cabinets and counters so you can always place your hands on them without searching. If you have a business that involves travel such as craft fairs, this refill is light, small and easy to carry along. Order your ink refill cartridges today!

  • Designed for the XL Pro

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