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Yowie Chocolate Surprise  - 12ct

Yowie Chocolate Surprise - 12ct

Part Number:82403-32135 Price $45.61
  • Fun And Informative
  • Collect Them All
These Yowie Chocolate Surprise candies are fun, delicious and informative. Kids get the fun of peeling off the foil wrapping, printed with an assortment of six Yowie character. Once you get inside the foil you have yummy milk chocolate shaped like the character as well. However, the excitement doesn't stop there! Just past the chocolate is a yowie molded capsule (non-edible) that contains the surprise. Each foil wrapped chocolate holds collectible creatures inside.  Enjoy this candy and place it prominently on your shelves and the kiddos will be collecting and swapping and back for more. Order yours today! 

  • 12 Count
  • 28 Gram (1 Ounce) Chocolate Molded Character
  • Foil Wrapped 
  • Assortment Of Six Yowie Character Foils 
  • Chocolate Holds A Yowie Character-Shaped Capsule
  • Capsule Has A Limited-Edition Replica Animal Inside
  • Each Comes With An Information Leaflet With Information On:
    • The Animal
    • Its Habitat
    • Food Sources
    • Threats To The Animal And Its Environment
  • Each Has Color Code To Show Endangered Status
    • Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened or Not Threatened
  • Collect, Swap And Share To Get Full Collection
  • Animal Is A Surprise Till Opened
  • Painted In Food-Grade Ink
  • This Series Will Have 24 Playmates:
    • 18 Will Be Animal Replicas
    • 6 Limited-Edition Yowie Characters

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